These weathervanes are made of COPPER and BRASS. Any questions call: 1-877-782-8837.ALL PARTS INCLUDED.(Mounts sold separately)

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Alpacca Weathervane

Leaping Deer With Directionals


Labrador Retriever with Flowers

Poodle on Arrow Weathervane

Bull and Claw Large Weathervane

3D Horse On Arrow

Horse on 40 Arrow

3D Horse With Directionals

3D Horse On Arrow With Directionals

3D Horse

Majestic Horse on Arrow

Mare and Colt

Two Running Horses

Two Horses on Arrow

Horse and Bugle on Arrow

Horse and Bugle w/ colored balls


Full Size Patchen Horse Polished

Full Size Patchen Horse Weathervane

Patchen Race Horse Polished

Patchen Race Horse Patchen Antiqued

Full Size Large Horse Polished

Full Size Large Horse Weathervane

EXTRA Large Horse Polished

Large Horse Antiqued

Full Size Trotting Horse Polished

Full Size Trotting Horse Weathervane

Horse In Hoop Polished

Horse In Hoop Antiqued

Horse Polished

Horse Antiqued

Full Size Sulky Polished

Full Size Sulky Antiqued

Full Size Country Doctor Polished

Full Size Country Doctor Antiqued

Country Buggy Polished

Country Buggy Antiqued

Full Size Bronze Horse Weathervane

Full Size Bronze Horse

Pegasus Polished

Pegasus Antique Finish

Polished Flying Horse/Pegasus

Deluxe 3D Flying Horse

3D Unicorn With Directionals

Full Size Pig Polished

Full Size Pig Antiqued

Pig Polished

Pig Antiqued