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Cat and Butterflies Polished

Cat and Butterflies Antiqued

Cat Hunting Polished

Cat Hunting Antiqued

Cat and Mouse Polished

Cat and Mouse Antiqued

Cat and Mouse


Cat and Mouse on Arrow

Cat Over Mice On Arrow

Cat and Mouse on Rod

Full Size Dachshund Polished

Full Size Dachshund Antiqued



Hunting Dog with arrow and directionals

Large Hunting Dog

HDLD-2 with arrow

Dog Polished with Directionals


Labrador Chasing Bone


Labrador Chasing Butterfly


Labrador Chasing Lady Bug


Labrador Chasing Dragonfly


Labrador Chasing Grasshopper


Lab Flushing Bird Weathervane

Labrador Retriever Polished

Labrador Retriever Antiqued

Dog Sniffing Flowers

Mother and Baby

Two Facing Dogs On Arrow

Large Boxer


Irish Setter with Arrow


Retriever and Cat Weathervane Polished

Retriever and Cat Weathervane Antiqued

Large Dog and Cat Weathervane

Cat and German Shepherd on Arrow

Dog and Cat

Full Size Dog Polished

Full Size Dog Antiqued

Full Size Golden Retriever Polished

Full Size Golden Retriever Antiqued

3D irish setter

large 3d irish setter weathervane

German Shepherd Weathervane Polished

German Shepherd Weathervane Antiqued

Dog Polished

Dog Antiqued

Dog Polished and Bones


Full Size Fox Polished

Full Size Fox Weathervane

Fox Polished Weathervane