High quality copper and brass weathervanes sold COMPLETE with nsew brass directionals,steel 3/4'' rod,3/4'' brass ring and 2''-4'' copper ball set..Questions OR to order call: 1-877-782-8837


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Gardeners Weathervane

Large Moon-Star on Arrow Weathervane

Large Pineapple Weathervane

Ball Player on Arrow with Directionals

Trojan Warrier With Spear on Arrow

Yact on Arrow

North Wind Weathervane

Gabriel Weathervane

3D Car on Arrow

Deluxe Tractor on Arrow

Shotgun Weather Vane

Wine and Glasses Weathervane

Spider and Web with arrow

Dental Care Weathervane

Stained Glass Sun, Moon, Star Polished

Stained Glass Sun, Moon, Star Antiqued

Sun with Directionals

Sun with Green Ball and Directionals

Sun and Arrow with Directionals

Sun and Shooting Star with Directionals

Smiling Sun and Shooting Star with Directionals

Sun and Shooting Star with Moon Phase Directionals

Shooting Star with Directionals

Dancer Polished

American Flag Polished

American Flag Antiqued

American Flag Banner With Eagle

Fairy with arrow and directionals

Pixy with arrow and directionals

Fairy and Pixie on Arrow

Fairy and Pixie on Arrow Antiqued

Fairy, Star and Pixie

Revolving Fairy and Pixie Polished

Revolving Fairy and Pixie Antiqued

Now Only

Angel Polished

Angel Weathervane Antiqued

Angel with Deluxe Directionals

Angel on Arrow with directionals

Angel Gabriel Polished

Angel Gabriel Antiqued

Gabriel Polished

Gabriel Antiqued

Fisherman Polished

Fisherman Antiqued

Fisherman and Boat Polished

Golfer Polished

Golfer Antique Finish Weathervane


Large Golfer and Bag Polished