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Full Size Osprey w/Fish Antiqued

Large Osprey and Fish Weathervane

Osprey Polished

Osprey Antiqued

Full Size Wild Turkey

Turkey on Arrow

Full Size Pelican Polished

Full Size Pelican Antiqued

Pelican Polished

Pelican Antiqued

Pelican With Fish


Full Size Pheasant Polished

Full Size Pheasant Antiqued

Pheasant In Flight Polished

Pheasant In Flight Antiqued

Full Size Roadrunner Polished

Full Size Roadrunner Antiqued

Full Size Quail Polished

Full Size Quail Antiqued

Full Size Snow Goose Polished

Full Size Snow Goose Antiqued

Full Size Peace Dove Polished

Full Size Peace Dove Antiqued

Peace Dove With Arrow

Full Size Dolphin Polished

Full Size Dolphin Antiqued

Lifelike Dolphin Polished

Lifelike Dolphin Antiqued

Dolphin with arrow

Dolphin Polished

Dolphin Antiqued

Full Size Double Dolphin Polished

Full Size Double Dolphin Antiqued

Double Dolphin with Arrow

Trophy Fish

Now Only

3D Deluxe trout/salmon

Awesome Trout /Salmon copper 3d weathervane

Full Size Bass Polished

Full Size Bass Antiqued

Large Bass Polished

Large Bass Antiqued

Full Size Fish Polished

Full Size Fish Antiqued

Whale and Calf


Whale and Calf with Arrow

Whale and Boatman Polished

Whale and Boatman Antiqued

Full Size Humpback Whale Polished

Full Size Humpback Whale Antiqued